1. IBQT recently mentioned in this article of 8 Portland bands to watch. Thanks for the kind words!


  2. We keep getting these great pictures of people wearing IBQT hats. Send us your pic! ibecutie@gmail.com


  3. A recent interview with Kim at PQ Monthly.


  4. These are some past show flyers as well.


  5. We never posted this flyer. The show already happened and it was amazing!


  6. IBQT hat in Indonesia! Thanks Amanda! Buy an IBQT hat HERE


  7. (Source: bedofrosesblog)


  8. IBQT live at the Hollywood Theater PDX. Photos courtesy of Nate Midgley. 11-16-2013.


  9. The classic IBQT hat is back! Get your own IBQT hat HERE!!!